Brainless Barbarism!

The hungry Soil longs to embrace infant seed in her protective arms.

Shields him from the harsh winds of time so that he can grow up and have a family of his own

Nurtures him tenderly in her womb

And what do we do??

We snatch her grown up kids

Rob her of her kin

Leave her barren

To turn into a wrinkled and cracked slab

Forgetting we are sabotaging the balance of life eventually…

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


36 thoughts on “Brainless Barbarism!

      1. Well I wrote a piece about it 2 years back in college. I know about it. Google ‘Chocolate cause deforestation’ if you have any doubts..

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      2. Never had a sweet tooth. (Glad I didn’t).. But don’t feel guilty. It’s strange you never realised it. I thought you were a millennial like me. Don’t tell me you never asked the question of how the hell it is priced so low?

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      3. No, let me simplify it for you. Cocoa plantation requires land. You can’t convert farming lands. You need forest lands. So they raze the forest completely and plant cocoa trees. Also you must have remembered the chocolate slavery issue. Thank God I never ate them..

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      4. Don’t push yourself. Relax. 80% of the world eats it (It is what basically is driving it). On the bright side chocolate slavery is lessened..

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      5. Stop making me feel guilty.. Here’s a thought, Would you stop using your laptop or your phones if I told you how they keep the cost down? Scary isn’t it. So go the refrigerator and eat a chocolate, forget this conversation ever took place and after brushing your teeth, take a power nap..

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      6. You take things way too seriously. You are a kid right? Why didn’t you said so earlier.. Ahh.. I treated you like an adult.. I am stupid.. Forgive me.. Sorry..

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      7. What you are a year older? I thought I was talking to a 15 year old.. Than it’s alright.. But since you are sensitive I have to watch out.. With words of course..

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      8. No, in submitted to the professor. You can’t do that. Posting online your term paper.. Unless you want negative marks..

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