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Hey everyone!

I am in a fix here..umm..a little..

When I write about books/movies I avoid writing technical details as I assume they are readily available once you hit Google.

Secondly I avoid giving story. As a lot readers might not have read/watched it already and this could spoil their first hand experience.

I prefer writing how book/movie in question made me feel.

Am I doing it right??

Should I add or remove something??

What can I do to make this better?

I am looking for suggestions and healthy criticism.

Yes. Feel free to criticize, I won’t get mad until it’s rude…I promise!


12 thoughts on “Suggestion Box

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  1. It’s totally fine sticking with how u felt about the book…however I feel though the net may overflow technical details…sometimes ur perspective of it as to y the author resorted to a certain techniques n the effect it had on the readers may at times differ…it maybe original nothing like what’s in the net….So stick to ur guy feeling and don’t shy away from talking about all that u wanna genuinely discuss..:-)

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  2. stay with where your energy is, that’s the clue, we connect better when we are real and passionate abour our stuff as compared to clinical descriptions. Though now and again technical stuff can be helful too.

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  3. You make valid points. What is find most helpful is when the reviewer tells me what books or movies the reviewed item is similar to and why.

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