Babies’ definition of Edible!

This is our definition of Edible

fit to be eaten (often used to contrast with unpalatable or poisonous varieties).

“the shrub has small edible berries”

synonyms: safe to eat, fit to eat, fit to be eaten, fit for human consumption, wholesome, good to eat, consumable, digestible, palatable, comestible

And this is babies’ definition of edible

Anything that look appetizing to ME!!.

Anything and everything that fits in my tiny hand. If its bigger I will try to nibble on it and break it down with my newly-sprouted teeth. If its running crawling or flying…I HAVE TO CATCH IT AND STUFF IT IN MY MOUTH!!

Examples: creepy crawlies, mom’s make-up, pets, dirt, grit, medicines that don’t belong to me, pencils, wrappers etc…

Antonym: Babyfood!


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