The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Just read another infamous work which has been always mentioned as a must-read book.

It’s “The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka”

My first thought??

Kafka is a genius!!!

If I try to sum up my thoughts in one line it would be something like:

 Your esteem, your worth, your dreams, your entire world comes crashing down in the blink of an eye the moment you step down from your throne. And then it goes downhill towards its ultimate inevitable devastation.

It’s one of the most thought provoking, soul stirring, brutally honest books that I have read so far.

I am envious of Kafka’s mastery of condensing massive poisonous reality of unfortunate sudden tragedy occurring to a helpless soul, and heartless brutality that follows by his own people, in just a few pages.

A friend keeps on telling me that life goes on, nobody is going to stop pursuing their life, their dreams their happiness for you. This whole concept is evidently portrayed in the story.

I have sunk into stupor…

Somewhere we all have endured parallel situation at least once in our lives.

It’s just that some of us survived, some of us succumbed to the hostility.

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6 thoughts on “The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

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  1. Yep. Those ups and downs are just part of the human condition, it seems. Nothing stays the same in life, for very long at least. I read this for a high school lit class. And a philosophy professor in college recommended it again. Pretty powerful stuff.

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      1. Thats a very hopeful perception. The comment is oozing optimism. Thanks for sharing your take on it.

        Its just that im still in inertia of the story.

        And a few very tragic incidents happened in my family and this is exactly how people unmasked them selves.

        And yes. Good times and good memories are actually what help us survive.

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      2. Have to have some level of optimism. Otherwise, what’s the point? I’m sorry you’re family has been hit by tragedy. But just as no good thing lasts forever, neither do the bad things. Keep the hope, in spite of it all. 😊

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