Terrorizing Intruder!

I was walking in my dining room absent-mindedly, looking for something for photography challenge when I felt something … umm… bumpy under my left foot.

I stepped aside and looked at the floor.

Instantly regretted it!

A lizard was lying there…

I exited the room and ran like a madman until I reached my bedroom where my siblings were busy gossiping and pulling each other’s legs…sometimes literally!

I am shit scared of reptiles… their presence is enough for me to contemplate sue side.

I didn’t have to tell them what had happened.

I was jumping, dancing, hopping, mumbling breathless!

Bro: Where is it??

Me: In the dining room… I stepped on it!

In a split second my brother joined me in the weirdest hip hop ever.

My sister jumped, shut the door and started shooting questions, “Is it alive?? How big is it? What colour? Is it dead???

All it could say was, “I don’t know! Thank God I was wearing slippers”

We heard knock on our door we opened it and swiftly pulled our mom inside. She was confused and barefoot!

We gave her slippers to wear and warned her about the terrorizing intruder.

My vital signs took hours to stabilize.

I Bumbled around the home avoiding even looking at the potential crime scene.

Finally I told my dad to investigate while I stayed outside, anxiously looking through the glass wall, pacing, panting, biting my nails while his eyes search the floor thoroughly.

Suddenly he looked at me and nodded. He tilted his head, closed his eyes and stuck his tongue out to confirm any doubt.

And the marathon began!

In my room my sister declared “You have murdered!!! You shall be hanged till death!”

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved



11 thoughts on “Terrorizing Intruder!

  1. Hahahahaha,but yeah totally relatable😂😂 Happened to me once during the dead of night when I went to the dining room to fill my jug of water and had the scare of my life when I unsuspectingly stepped on a lizard!the lizard scampered away,and I was a step away from doing a dramatic faint,and that creepy crawly feeling,ohh God!!still gives me shudders

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