The Old Man and the Sea- Earnest Hemingway

Today was dedicated to the celebrated work of Ernest Hemingway “The Old Man and the Sea”.

As we have grown up admiring Hemingway quotes every now and then and this work of his is considered to be cornerstone of him being awarded Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954, this book naturally became the first Hemingway’s work to be savored.

People are walking talking stories. And old people, the people I drag and drop into The Grandparents category are classics. They are epitome of hope, strength, endurance and wisdom.

And this work cemented my perception.

As I read the book I started perfectly visualizing this old man voyaging, as it’s extremely descriptive but in a very simple modest manner.

Not a single expression, a single word is written naked. Everything is dressed in intense emotions.

As I read I started missing my Grandpa. All his stories were ringing in my head throughout.

The work gives us a peek into lives of lonesome beings. Their thoughts, their worries, their random ramblings and murmurs, their weaving of stories into thin air, their ever wandering minds.

At one point I had this unsettling feeling of descending into a bottomless pit gradually when suddenly the story pick me up on its wings mid-air and started soaring and steadied the flight.

I am sitting here to write about my experience with this book, but I am not able to because it’s not over yet. I can still feel some fragments of this story running in my veins.

It has lit a new glimmer of hope that never existed before.


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