The Hunt Continues…

Today was the day-2 of treasure hunt. I grab my want-to-read list and went to look for more books with my brother.

We couldn’t even tour half of the place. It was huge ground with stalls loaded with books.

The bells in temple of my bookaholic mind started to Jangle in melodic rhythm.

The trip was going great but my baby brother (who is 13 inches taller and 11 years younger than me) was about to pass out with boredom.

I heard my brother telling a vender “we are going to have our own stall here next to yours pretty soon”

Then he turned to me and said “Dad is right! You are a stoner! Its addiction! Slow down!”

I just smiled and continued searching.

It’s hard to stop when you have mountains of books right in front of you. This craving isn’t easy to satisfy. And it’s nearly impossible to explain to people who are least interested in reading anything at all.

I am so knackered today I don’t even feel like posting anything today, but I don’t want to break the promise I made to myself. I want to enjoy every bit of this one good thing happening for me.

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