The Stranger!

I was lying on my bed absorbed in my work that was dumped on my head on Friday to occupy me throughout the weekend.

I heard my door knob turn and a head peeked in.

I stayed still wandering who it might be.

The door opened wider and a stranger barged in. I hadn’t seen this face before.

We both looked at each other for good 2 minutes without uttering a single word.

I was scared I won’t lie, but concealed my fear as they can sense it very well.

He folded his hands behind his back dropped his head down and started walking slowly, occasionally looking at me searching for some reaction.

I was playing dead. The only part of me that moved where my eyes. I kept a watchful eye on him.

I felt his eyes getting brighter, and I knew this sparkle too well.

I mentally prepared myself for the scenario I had witnessed numerous times and slowly started dragging my files closer to me as discreetly as possible. I made sure I don’t startle him.

In a split second he took off his shoe and shot it across the room…

I sprung right up and watched in bewilderment.

I swiftly grabbed the blanket and covered my entire bed that was serving as my work station. I was in no mood of witnessing paper flying saucers.

A cute smile split his face and he started taking of his other shoe and shot it out the door.

What kind of strip tease is that???

AND I am sorry I am not a dog! Go fetch it yourself! (I murmured)

I was trying hard to maintain a straight face as any encouragement could unwind and an inevitable catastrophe.

He clapped his hands and let out the naughtiest cutest giggle… and… I started melting inside.

Next I saw he was Scampering in my room, laughing, waving his hands in the air.

He stopped and looked at me with his beady eyes.

My face turned red as I was fighting a fit of hilarity

He took of his cute little baseball cap, put in on the head of teddy bear on my bed side and gave me a serious did-i-do-it-right look.

We both burst out laughing!

I got up from my bed fitted his tiny cap on his little bald head and we both started looking for his shoes.

Me: Whose kid are you??

Little stranger: ehehe…MAMA!

And we both started laughing again.

This 2 year old picked his shoes, hugged them and dashed to the drawing room where his mom (a new nieghbour) was busy gossiping with my mom.

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


11 thoughts on “The Stranger!

  1. I read this right after you posted it, but I wanted to wait until I had the appropriate time to react. When I started reading it, I almost stopped, because I get uncomfortable with what “my assumption” might have been. BUT because I love the way you write , I muscled through(wink) and, sure enough, you had me laughing at the end. I love kids and could picture every detail of this morning. You seem to write with such ease. Glad we are connected. Cute story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its 4.23 am here.
      N i am sitting in my bed right now laughing my ass off at this comment. And my baby sister is giving me please-dont-lose-it-rightnow look 😆

      This is such a sweet comment. Thank you so much for taking out time and posting such hearty comment. I am grateful for every word of it.

      Thank alot. You guys are the reason i keep writing i have never been this consistent with anything else 🙂


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