Animal Farm- George Orwell

I finished reading Animal Farm” by George Orwell last night.

It took me 3 days… yes… this thin 112- page novella took me 3 days to finish not because I am a slow reader, but because I couldn’t help relating every word to the world we live in today and the way it has been since its existence.

I am not a history buff so I couldn’t figure out the connection between this work of Orwell and historical events.

I read it purely as fiction.

Throughout 2 words kept ringing in my head; politics and manipulation.

It’s not one of my favourite books to be honest, but I have to admit this paints the picture of every possible form of politics with commendable precision, be it world politics, situation of individual countries, our families, colleges, schools, it’s got every place covered and presented perfectly.

One simple distressing reality prevails… sly outsmarts and manipulates the innocent and dim-witted!

I will never be able to look at people the same way. I will see pigs, horses, donkeys, dogs, pigeons, ravens, sheeps…

I will see animal farm…




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  1. When I read it, I thought it was a general observationn of how governments will start one way and end up being the very thing that brought about the change in the first place.

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