Lost and found!

Today is a good day…a happy day!
I found 2 precious things that i lost long ago and i gave up on getting them back.

I made my goodreads account in 2009 and i used to use it regularly.

Then i kinda got busy with life and studies and something went wrong.

I lost my account!

For past few months, maybe a year, i was desperately trying to log-in my account but i couldn’t. And i had this account on my primary email address so i was really feeling bad.

Well i emailed goodreads today and guess what..and angel replied within few hours and sorted out the whole thing.

After a very long time i am able to access my goodreads again. I have lost my previously saved data but at least i got my account back.

And my second find is a book.

In my foggy memory i had a recollection of a book of Gabriel Garcia Marquez short stories book. I remembered buying it from some stall way way back. At least 7 8 years back.

Right now. Just right now i dont know what happened i had a feeling i should check my parents study.

And guess what… there this beauty was sitting gracefully right in the front shelf.

Its 4.30 am right now.

Not in my wildest imagination i would have anticipated anything like this.

This feels like a miracle.

So today…is a good day


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