Treasure Hunt.

Shopping for books is nothing less than a treasure hunt for me and I mean it!

I hardly buy from books stores. Most of the books that grace my shelves are bought from old books stalls. These stalls are situated by the road-side in quite a few locations and have huge stocks of pre-loved books at throw away prices. Going there means you will be standing on the roadside skimming through tonnes of irrelevant books in hope of finding something of your interest.

The reason for this style of shopping is that I am not earning… and I have huge appetite for books if I will go to a book store I might go broke…

I save picture of a book when I like its reviews and blurb, take suggestions from friends and keep on updating my list. Then I wait for my trip to hometown.

In every trip I visit these stalls at least once. When I am lucky, some of the books move from i-want-to-read to i-own status and when the universe is in my favour, I stumple upon classics.

This time I took recommendations from fellow bloggers too, and I am extremely grateful to those who took time and shared their favourites. Thank you so much.

I took the list and headed to the nearest stall.

It was hot! It was scorching-burning-melting-boiling hot!

I felt somebody pointed a hairdryer right on my face.

I quick-scanned the whole stall in 2 seconds and the temperature dropped!

The stall was blooming with incredible collection of books and my mind drifting to some heavenly place and I felt I was standing in the centre of rain.

I started selecting and collecting books, and hurried to pay before my hangover breaks and I start feeling the damage heat had done on my skin.

I was sure I will look like a monkey for next month at least but inside I was a Sunny soul.

Everytime I look at the pile of my new gems (in the feature image) I feel something I can never describe in words.

A mixture of happiness, victory, satisfaction, relief, combined and shot to the max is close to what fills my heart and brings a smile on my face.


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    1. I read Sidney Sheldon’s – Tell Me Your Dreams forever ago – totally agree on it’s awesomeness. Since I’ve read it I’ve saw other author’s use some of the his tricks and gimmick’s but none with the mastery Sheldon used and in the nicely woven world he created in the book.

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  1. Also, could you please let me know how you found Mrs. Funnybones and The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad. I need someone to tell me they’re good before I buy them. I like how Twinkle Khanna writes her columns, just apprehensive about the books. So, it’ll be a great help. Thanks!

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