Wake up!

We live in this strange illusion that whatever we learned in the name of traditions protects us and helps us grow into a better person.
With time, like alot of theories this needs to be reviewed.

We go to the extent of defending wrong practices just because thats what all our senses absorbed since the day we were born.

This insane concept is used as a tool to manipulate us most of the times.

We hear the word culture and our minds turn oblivious to the truth. We lose our sense of judgement.

What is going to break this spell?

Why do we find it so hard to open our eyes to something so black and white?

Whats taking us so long?

You call me a rebel… an unruly lunatic…just because i woke up before you.


Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


10 thoughts on “Wake up!

    1. Exactly! They are serving no other purpose than controlling us. Things need to be reviewed and revised. Or just leave on the judgement on an individual.
      Imposing decision based on stupid rules set gazillions of years ago doesn’t make sense to me.

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  1. So true!The thing is all the ‘rituals’ of folklore have a certain logic and rational purpose that they serve,yet as the eons pass,the concept stays while the reason fades to dust, leaving it to be transformed into a set of rituals that demand completion without a word of protest.The result,it leaves us feeling blindfoldedly coerced into doing something​ we do not even have an inkling about

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