Infinite Loop of Revenge

Ever heard the phrase “what I am doing to you is nothing… the worse happened to me”??

When somebody says this I hear “if something bad happens to me I am obliged to do the same to rest of the humanity”

I understand it’s hard to stay positive when you are slipping helplessly in a pit. It’s almost impossible!

But does this mean you should drag entire population with you?

Does this give you right to make people feel like a miserable piece of shit?

When such people are chased by hungry wolves they start looking for somebody to throw at them.

And we all keep swirling in this infinite Loop of revenge.

Sometimes we hold the key to break this vicious circle. We don’t have to be a paradigm of peace and positivity.

All we need to do is accept and endure our share of misery and just step back. Break this chain from our own Loop.  Refuse to dump your problems on somebody else’s head.

This is not that difficult and it works.

Dragging anybody in your pit won’t make things easy for you. Instead you will earn hatred…and eventually guilt when the storm settles.

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


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