World’s Greatest Meddler

My 6-year old niece is world’s greatest Meddler.

Locks don’t apply to her. If she knocks on your door you have to open it, unless it’s a bathroom door (thank God she spares us there)

If she says “unlock your phone”… you unlock your phone!

She has to make special appearance on each and every friends’ reunion we have… yeah this tiny alien hangs out with us!

Her elephant ears listen to everything. We tried using codes which she cracked effortlessly.

She can work for secret services… nobody can believe this cute little monkey is soaking every drop of information around her.

Everything and everyone is constantly on her radar.

Her abilities have earned her the title “Ghost” as sometimes we don’t even know she is sitting with us listening to everything until she interferes to give her opinion, which she considers her fundamental right.

And you CANNOT ignore her valuable opinion!!

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


8 thoughts on “World’s Greatest Meddler

  1. My boys used to be the same way when they were little. It can really be an issue when my wife and I wanted….privacy. They’re much better now though. Nice to meet you….and I love the name of your blog! It truly applies to me as well. 😃😃

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