My Jerry’s first Roza (Fast)

Today was an emotional roller coaster ride.

My nephew, the eldest of his generation observed his first fast today.

It was like yesterday my sister gave birth to this little bundle of joy and his giggles brightened our days.

My whole family embraced their new titles whole-heartedly and till date his birth has been one of happiest days of our lives.

We saw him crawling…walking … going to school..

He completed his Quran (he has read complete Holy Quran once in supervision of a mentor)

But this topped it all.

His parents brought him to a complete fast gradually. He kept a few demo fasts they gradually increased the time.

Observing a 15-hours long dry fast without losing his Bottle itself is remarkable for a 10-year old kid.

He had such a peaceful smile on his face throughout.

I loved and enjoyed every moment of the ceremony but every now and then my eyes were brimming with tears.

It feels like yesterday I was holding him in my arms and we were celebrating his 1st birthday, today we celebrated on the same scale.

I am so overwhelmed right now.

My little Jerry is all grown-up 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Jerry’s first Roza (Fast)

  1. Rites of passage are to be celebrated, acknowledged and supported. Well done on supporting and celebrating your nephews rite of passage, such an important part of life.

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