Ridiculers become Rooters!

Our mind is a magic canvas

And we are equipped with every medium possible

To Create anything

Therefore imagination is limitless…

Free and fearless…

Like an unleashed horse

A mighty eagle

An arrogant tigress

A merciless shark

A poised dancing peacock

A fierce dragon

A flowing river,

..that carves its way tearing through rocks..

Then we blink..

and poof!

It’s gone!

Dissolved and diffused into the verity

Leaving no trace

We shush our inner child

Strip us of our courage

Strangle our dreams

Cage our passion..

We succumb to the norms..

But those who dare..

.. to breathe life into their art

are initially ridiculed…

….then celebrated!!!

Once a glorious breathing masterpiece is unveiled

Ridiculers become rooters!

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


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