Did you Know?

A fellow blogger shed light on some basic concepts of Islam. Being a Muslim I really appreciate the way he has done it, i don’t think i could do it like that ever.
Very simple, to-the-point and such hearty manner.

I would just like to add peace and acceptance are building blocks of Islam. Never judge a religion by actions of a few followers.

Thank you brother! I deeply admire your this effort 🙂


What do you see when you look at a Muslim?

  • Do you see a Muslim as a religious and intelligent person proudly known for his fully-grown Beards, her elegant Hijab, or his/her slick Jalabiya,
  • Do you see a Muslim only as a person with no morale code, allegedly known for causing world panic with bombs and suicide vest,
  • Or the combination of both.

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6 thoughts on “Did you Know?

  1. I think a lot of people in America look at Muslim’s and see them as terrorist but that is just a stereotype. People need to realize that the actions of a few people do not define a whole religion. This goes for so many religions and origins, people need to stop being so stereotypical and realize that.

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    1. I agree this goes for all religions and cultures. I have families in states and thank God they never had to face any kind of victimization yet.
      But it is a general perception about Muslims everywhere.

      Stereotypical behaviour in general is wrong and unfair!

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