“Abbu!! We are getting late” I shouted from the hall.

“Just two minutes,” he answered in his most relaxed tone.

I could hear water running from his bathroom.

“What?? Don’t tell me!!! You will shower and get dressed in 2 minutes??? How can you possibly squeeze all of that in two minutes?? You are not superman or something…” my tantrum went on and on and there was no answer from him.

Great!! I am going to be late for my first interview ever, in a firm I could only dream of working for.

I was well aware of my dad’s routine. The man has to look Natty, Crisp and handsome!

He doesn’t leave home until he has taken shower, shaved, dressed-up crisp and his shoes Polished to perfection … you can see his shoes shining from mars I swear!

I waited 20 minutes for him in my trying-hard-to-look-Crisp attire.

As per my calculation we must have left home some 10 minutes ago. Yeah, ten minutes. I knew dad was going with me so I kept a good margin already, and he still managed to be late!

Well. We didn’t talk to each other on the way as I was nervous as a cat and I would only end up losing my left over confidence.

He tried to crack some dad jokes but all of them fell flat.

He knew how insanely punctual I am and how important this day was for me. I was sad mad. My answers were Crisp.

We reached my future workplace, where we were informed the interview was delayed for another half an hour.

We had to wait for 30 minutes in conference room with other candidates.

There was dead silence in the conference room.

When my heartbeat stabilized a little I turned to look at him. His breathing was uneven and he was as fidgety as I was. I could tell because his right leg was constantly shaking, something we both do involuntarily when we are nervous. No wonder people call me his reflection.

My over-protective dad was scanning every nook of the room with his honey-brown eyes and trying to read faces of everybody who was present at that time.

Suddenly my nerve calmed down. My anxiety was gone and I was feeling protected.

Somebody who dedicated all his youth raising us and made tones of sacrifices for me to be able to sit there was sitting right by my side and wouldn’t let anything go wrong with me ever.

My eyes welled-up, but I collected myself back when I heard my name with “you will be next”.

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