My Dynamite Friend!

Detonate reminds me of bombs and bombs remind me of one of my closest friends.

Not that bomb…he is an anger bomb!

If he was an object he would be an anger bomb with a broken timer!

Normally he is a sweetheart. Really sensitive caring guy but there is a pattern of events that unfolds every time we talk.

He asks ever so kindly “what happened?” And remembering that last explosion I try to dodge the question.

But then he frames me affectionately. He keeps on asking “How is everything?” until I break.

Then I start my story..

And he listens like he is the best listener I would ever know.

And I go on and on…

He looks silent and composed…calm as the sea!

But in his head… there’s totally different scenario going on.

He has created a fireball in his head. As my story progresses he keep on fueling that fireball with anger and cuss words.

My first tear detonates him!!!

I literally see a violent explosion right in front of my eyes when I am not even prepared for it.

His first words are always “I told you…”

And then he shoots the whole fireball at me.

All you I hear is “why don’t you listen???” “I told you” “when will you learn??” “@#$#%$%^%”…

.. and now I am thinking “when will I learn?? It’s the same pattern again!”

Maybe because he belongs to that very rare breed of friends who genuinely care for you and can’t take it when you are hurt.

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

11 thoughts on “My Dynamite Friend!

  1. Anger bombs can be fickle friends that’s for sure. You never when they are going to explode. About learning lessons – maybe it is that some lessons are hard to learn and take a long time. Also sometimes anger is justified. There is such a thing as righteous anger that comes along when you are wronged. It’s figuring out just what kind of anger it is that’s exploding that is the tricky part.

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