The Wanderer- Khalil Gibran

A few months back I stumbled upon a stack of books by Khalil Gibran on an old book’s stall back in my hometown.

As I was already looking for them and I was leaving town the next day, it felt like a God-sent gift. I couldn’t be happier.

Since then I m sipping his work…one word a time.

I took out “The Wanderer” out of the pile for traveling as it consists of parables mostly and it’s a pretty handy book. And I could never put it down. Now it’s become a part of my bed I am not even kidding!

I can’t even remember how many times I have read this book. But every time I re-read a story I can peel a new layer and discover new gist under it.

His every word Radiates wisdom and truth and takes you to the new depths of your own soul and show you purpose of all the elements around you in a new light.

It’s like a small snack bag. You open it when you are hungry, you fill yourself with a few delicious words and you are full and content.

Sharing here one of the parables from book:


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16 thoughts on “The Wanderer- Khalil Gibran

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      1. I love anything that feeds the soul inspirational in delight. Something I can reflect as within my own life. Words that stare me right in heart saying here these are for you, Lisa. Clinchers I can them. No applicable there is no denying! Have a very blessed Sunday!! For this is the day that the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it. For me every day is Sunday!! ☝

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  1. This is very intriguing. I’m a vampire when it comes to devouring written works of art. This looks and reads perfectly. I can understand why you treasure it. Must get my own copy😎😎

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