Impressions on the Sands of Life

Some people leave everlasting footprints on the sands of your life

They don’t get washed away even by the strongest wave

Waters blanket them momentarily

But as the winds settle, they re-emerge…

As you wander down your memories

You can see their Impressions on sand

You can see them smiling back at you

You can hear your giggles with them ringing like wind chimes

You can feel their eyes gazing you and telling you

“Those were some really good times”…

For a brief moment you forget about rest of the world

You love walking on this cool damp sand

And frail waves touching your feet occasionally …

Serenity washes your soul

The smile doesn’t depart your face

As the sun tags the moon and bids farewell

The Sky starts changing its colors

Getting vivid and darker…

The sea is getting restless

The tides roar as they unleash their valor

The impressions are blanketed by tides again…

The voices are fading

But you are still smiling

Because you know…

No waves.. no winds..

Can take them away from you

They reside within you

You are filled with new found passion as you walk back home

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


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