A Pivot

A point comes

When you think you are free from all your confinements

All superfluous complexities of your life

All inhibitions

You are Unmoored from those ropes that were

Suffocating your senses

Caging your spirit

Breaking your wings

Restricting your flight

But then

You are smashed onto boulder of reality yet again

You are not free as u think you are

You are a pivot

Holding everything in place

Balancing lives



You are not chained anymore but you can’t even budge

Or everything will fall apart…

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


21 thoughts on “A Pivot

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      1. I always have been the cup is half full, grass is greener, and smile takes you miles. My blog is the coming back up after hitting the darkest of the bottom. Loss of everything. You think I would make trade barter for where I sit today. I would be a martyer. Not in million gazillion ÷ infinity would I go back to what I came from. Whoop Yo’ Lisa is in da’ house and she is here to stay. Yeah I am kinda goofy. Weird Al poster child here 😛😀👌

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      2. i m so so glad to let to know somebody like you as a fellow blogger.
        you have incredibly bright vibe just don’t let it die down ever.
        i was just talking about my friend about the pulse of life. how its exactly like vital signs. you see your lows and then you see your highs. but all of this have different effect on people.
        i laugh out loud and i laugh alot but the next moment i go all gloomy.
        very few people are as strong as u.

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