It’s not over yet!

Life is a sticky web of uncertainties. You pull yourself free from 1 string and you find yourself stuck to a new one every time.

There hasn’t been a day when I haven’t said to myself “well, this didn’t go as planned”

Time flies leaving us dazed and confused about our own pace, out fate and our decisions.

Everyday we think yesterday was easier.

Bad news… we cant bring back time.

Good news…life is not over yet.



Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


24 thoughts on “It’s not over yet!

      1. It does indeed! It is a precious moment. Writing can be fulfilling in and of itself. Still, when someone comments on what they’ve taken from the piece, it adds that little bit of validation that we all appreciate to some degree.

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      2. It is definitely a very special moment for me.
        Everyday i tell myself “i dont feel like writing today”
        But i eventually do. Because this is one positive thing happening in my life right now and i cant lose it.
        Every like every view every comment adds 1 more tiny star to a very dark sky.
        This place means alot to me


      3. You are incredibly supportive to others. You have no idea what your dropping by and leaving a word or two has meant to me! It is invaluable! I try to drop by and speak to as many talented writers such as yourself as I can. Especially when something really speaks to me, then it is imperative. Your such a delight. I look for you daily tbh. My life is hectic and I can’t see well, so it takes me time to read and enjoy but eventually I get there hehe

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      4. O my God.
        I am so overwhelmed with joy right now.
        I skim through every nook of wordpress that i know of. Specially whatever my followers post because i have that kind of time.
        It’s still tiring at times but it’s best utilisation of the time and energy i have right now. It feels perfect.
        And honestly i know worth of a smile.


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