Side effects of Adulting

Raise your hand if were dying to grow up, and now when you are there…it sucks!

Whoa… this looks like a concert!

Growing up I always thought adults have more freedom and their life is fun.

But when I have reached that station… it’s like I am dropped in the centre of a Maze and I can’t seem to find my way out.

The privilege of being called an adult brings a Maze of exhausting and traumatic responsibilities, which cannot be avoided under any circumstances.

Now kids look upto you the same way you did to people older than you. And you look at them and think “wish we could tell you what a terrible mess we are behind our proper attire, mature tone and so-called freedom”

The scariest part comes when you have to make serious decisions, when already you are Mazed by the revelations adulting unveiled to you.

Maybe it won’t get any easier from here…

Maybe we will just get better at sailing in this storm…


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