Beautiful Danger!

Phew! It took me whole 1 hour to capture this beautiful Danger! … things I do for my blog..

After a lot of trial and error I taped it to the door. There was no way its straps and rose would look like that without support until I would wear it. But then it would be unfair to the shoe.


Look at that!

Just look at that!

Isn’t it straight-out-of-a-fairytale kinda stiletto?

There was a wedding in the family and we all were busy shopping. I looked at it and I knew I need it in my life.

I bought it on an impulse… forgetting my own issues with heels.

I went home and showed it to my mom

Me:   Look! Isn’t it the prettiest pair of shoes ever??

Mom:  For whom? (she looked surprised)

Me:   For me.

Mom:  Really?? (she chuckled)

Me:   Yea…oh crap!

My mom kept on laughing and rest of the family joined her.

I couldn’t even hear their taunts. My mind was taking a horrifying troll down the memory lane reminding me of all the times when I have tripped over or slipped in heels… And I Panicked!

Me:   What do I do now??

Mom:  Wear it. It looks expensive. (she couldn’t stop smiling)

Me:   It was..

I was so smitten by its beauty my own phobia slipped my mind.

So I have worn them only once on that wedding where I didn’t muster courage to walk. Sitting and standing were my only options.

I had to use my sister’s arm for support in case I really had to walk.

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31 thoughts on “Beautiful Danger!

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  1. The type of shoes that you wear can let a person know a lot about your personality, they may reveal if you are an extrovert, or an introvert, if you are outlandish, or laid-back and your feet, not your breasts are where a guy should be looking.

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  2. I had almost the exact same experience and the shoes were also bright yellow and ridiculously high! They were beautiful though. So I feel your story very keenly. Nice take on the challenge too!

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