Rules of an Unbreakable Bond

Let me introduce my best friend Sam today. It’s important now as she will be mentioned numerous times here.

We met in school when we were in 5th grade and in a class full of bullies and little politicians we were a tad bit different. We were philosophers. We had different thought process so we clicked the moment we got to talk.

Can you imagine 5th graders setting ground rules of their friendship?? Yup! We did that!

Now, even we don’t believe how we came up with such strong idea at that young age.

When we planted this seed with our small hands we knew simple and perfect ingredients that were required to nourish it;

  1. Absolute honesty: There’s no point in lying to each other. Whatever it is just say it. No matter what, just be honest with each other,
  2. Blind trust: Trust each other blindly. Do not doubt what the other person is saying. We won’t judge each other on our actions, reactions and problems.

When these two combine you don’t have to worry about anything really. All these years nothing on earth could shake the Roots of the relation we planted 20 years ago.

We do have disagreements but we talk about it. We don’t harbor grudges. We talk and we believe each other. We have been each other’s inspiration, motivation, therapist, family, support, soul mates.

Only if we could do this in every relationship with everyone, this world would be an easier place to live.


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