Spike – Tom and Jerry

Honestly, I couldn’t come up with anything today so I Googled for motivation and went to google images. There I saw Spike – the dog in tom and jerry. Suddenly by blood pressure (which was high previously) dropped to normal, my nerve was relatively calmer and I had a smile on my face. It’s a good day again.

I sat back grabbed my box of swiss choco bits, it’s a cereal that I munch on, and watched a few episodes.

What a refreshing breeze of childhood memories.

Who hasn’t been obsessed with tom & jerry at any point of life??  For me the love slowed down but never died. Today I felt like I have found long lost money from my pocket.

I don’t watch TV..Yup..Weird?? I know.

But whenever I am floating around home like a ghost (my parents came up with this one) mostly with food, and I catch tom and jerry on TV, I have to watch it. The reason is very simple; even if you have caught it in the last 3 4 minutes you will still be entertained.

This show made me believe a dog is a mouse’s best friend too.


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