Over-done Brain Fry!

Brain fry is the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw the word “fry”.

No, not the one you eat, the one that cooks in your brain when you have to tolerate somebody extraordinarily annoying.

I could write a book on this one, but then I will have to come up with volumes. Recently I had the worst traveling experience of my life. It wasn’t the flight it was the passengers.

First there was a lady in boarding lounge who wouldn’t stop shooting questions at me, although I had dug my face in a book.

Lady:  Are you traveling alone??

Me:     Yea

Lady:  Why don’t we sit together then??

Me:      Umm.. okay

Lady:   Where are you going??

Me:      Where this flight is going??

Lady:   I mean to whom.

Me:      To see my family.

Lady:   Oh meeting family is so much fun.. ahaha..

Me:      Umm.. it’s a funeral.

Lady:  Whose??

Me:    A family member’s.

Lady: See this is happening a lot these day.

Wait! what??? Death is happening a lot?? WHAT!!!


Somehow I managed to stay away, but my head’s temperature was already high enough to fry my brain.

In the flight some jerk was sitting next to me. Once in flight I normally wear my invisible horse blinders and mind my own business so I didn’t even see his face.

“Excuse me ma’am, do you need a pen to fill this form”, this wasn’t the voice of a steward it was of passenger next to me.

Me:   No, thank you.

Khalil Gibran to the rescue, please save me!! I dug my face in the book again.

Jerk:  Do you need water??

Me:   No, thanks.

He would repeat anything the airhostess would say. Seriously? I heard that already. Why do you have to give your own version? Apparently looking busy reading a book wasn’t helping. Thanks to the window seat I fixed my gaze on the clouds, and wished I could break the window and jump.

Jerk:   Ma’am I think we have to fill this form.

Please don’t add the seasoning!

I didn’t say anything. I could smell something burning. It’s ok! That’s from my head.

This continued for good half an hour. I was cursing myself for not sitting with that woman. She was better than him at least.

Jerk:  Where are you going??

Seriously? 1….2….3….4….5…..6…..7…..8…..9….10…9….8…

Jerk:  We are together for this 2 hour long journey. Why don’t we converse nicely?

WTF!!!! The last strand of my patience snapped!!!

Me:   Look bro!! I m going for a funeral, please don’t talk to me. AT ALL!!!

Phew!! The remaining 1.5 hours went considerably peaceful. I saved my brain from going well done to burnt!

I am sure people could easily see smoke coming out of my ears, and smell perfectly cook, actually a bit over-done brainFry.


Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


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