Fits of Hilarity

Ever seen babies laugh? loud, fearless, adorable, unfiltered, pure, straight from the heart. And they don’t even need a reason. Sometimes they just drop a toy and it’s funny to them. We love that right??

But when I do it, suddenly it’s a problem and I am immature!

I know mine is not a normal laugh… It’s a hysterical fit of laughter. When I sense it coming I sit somewhere to avoid falling. My face turns red, there’s a lot of clapping slapping involved and my sinuses get emotional. In the end somebody needs to get me a glass of water and help me get up.

I always get “you laugh too much”, “you laugh all the time”, “stop laughing” and my favorite “stop! everybody is looking at you”, so what? I am a celebrity!! We won’t be taxed for laughing.

The weirdest situation arises when my stress level shoots up and my giggling sense activates. And I hear people say, “oh she is coping well”, “she got over it quickly”, and “just look at the positivity”.

Guys, I swear I am really trying to stop laughing and I am actually depressed and clueless.

And then there are times, actually every time, when the moment I come up with a joke I start ruining it even before telling. I should be the first person to be entertained by my jokes, right??

But then it gets worse, I can’t stop laughing and the audience loses interest.

Everyone in my family is incredibly skilled at telling jokes. They can be hilarious with a straight face. I think I got their share of giggles.

One of the most embarrassing scenarios; I couldn’t stop laughing in the conference room at work. Yup! That has happened. I excused myself before it would go out of control.

I recently googled “how to stop laughing”. Apparently easy solution are biting your lower lip or concentrating on your breathing, but i don’t know why this doesn’t sound quite right.

Maximum I myself manage to do is tone down the tornado to a Chuckle, when I am lucky.


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  1. When I was manic (part of bipolar disorder), I would have extreme laughing fits. They got so bad that I was given Haldol injections, held down, or dragged to the psych hospital. I remember continuing to laugh even through these things up until the reality and/or medication kicked in.

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