My Cranky Sinuses!

It was 8.30 am. I was at a hospital for my first radiotherapy session. As it had to be done on my eyelid, my face had to be screwed to the bed with a plastic mask so they don’t miss the exact point.

A group of insanely pretty radiographers were standing by my side flashing their angelic smiles at me so that I don’t flip-out.

They taught me few sign to inform in case I sense something wrong like thumbs up and down and to stop, similar to the ones they teach you in extreme sports as they wouldn’t be in the room during therapy.

After they fixed the mask they asked if I am ok.

I wasn’t ok. I couldn’t breathe at all!

I FREAKED OUT BIG TIME, forgot all the signs started waving my hands hysterically and told them in a robotic voice..IIII CANNNOOOOTTTT BBBBBRRRREEEEAAATTTHHEEEEE!

Actually I have a humongous nose. They molded warm plastic sheet on my face and it contracted once it cooled down to room temperature. So my real nose was way bigger than the cute little nose on the mask. I told them to keep it safely in case someday I convince myself for rhinoplasty.

Well, I again told them I couldn’t breathe. They dismantled everything for me to get back to normal and repeated the whole process twice.

3rd time I kinda figured out the cause of my suffocation.

It was my sinuses.

I told them I have 2 problems:

  1.  I am not a morning person
  2.  and so aren’t my sinuses.

I asked for tissues.

Imagine my embarrassment I was blowing nose on the bed and therapists were waiting for the lava filled tissues. I don’t know how they managed to conceal their disgust. I pity them for what they had to witness.

If I were in their position I would have thrown up all over the place.

So that’s how my sinuses refuse to cooperate with me in tricky situations when I need them the most.

When I cry they cry.

When I laugh, they still cry!

I doubt I will live to see the day when these Cranky b*****s will actually be happy for me.

My sister was teaching me lunges. I swear I tried so hard to hide my agony from them but NOOOO!!!!

They started weeping again!

They are the weeniest twins I have ever known.

You may find me roaming around without oxygen someday, but never without tissues.

My sinuses situation explains my obsession with dragons. I swear these menacing flamethrowers are going to bow down and cry like babies in front of me.

Finally we worked to a breathable situation and therapy was performed successfully.


Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


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