Innocent, Harmless Clownery

There should be a scale to Measure boredom. Because the higher the degree, the crazier my reaction is going to be.

Honestly and scarily in my case boredom doesn’t take that long to kick-in, then I start looking for something to entertain myself, after I am done with looking for food, obviously.

This tendency leads me to random tomfoolery at family gatherings. My acts are funny and non-hazardous but for some strange reasons my folks are scared of me for my candid adventures.

S (my bff) says I have a “keera (worm)” in my brain that provokes me to do such ridiculous stuff.

They all keep an eye on me during my public appearances; God knows when they have to run for damage control.

Recently I was at a wedding where my 2 cousins’ mother-in-laws were sitting on the same table. These women were famous for their stern look. I heard their names rhyme, pretty amusing right??

So I went to their table and introduced them to each other, “Abc, meet Xyz…Xyz, meet Abc”. In a very elegant 1960s style.

I saw my dad running to me, he looked worried.

Dad: What did you do? (in a hush-hush voice)

Me:  What? I did nothing (in a more hush-hush voice)

Dad: I saw you! You said something to them (pointing out at MILs)

Me:  I introduced them to each other… see… They look happy..

The MILs looked comfortably conversing. By now they were talking, smiling and nodding like some old acquaintances.

Me:  See??? They don’t look mad… maybe they were just sad-mad… (trying to look innocent)

Dad gave me THAT look. The one I always get when my clownery doesn’t cause any damage and he doesn’t know what to say next. He started walking away to attend other guests.

Hmmm… what do I do now?? I saw some kid eating an ice-cream let me go and ask him where he got it from.


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8 thoughts on “Innocent, Harmless Clownery

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  1. First of all, one adorable photo of that little monkey!

    I don’t know why your family is so stiff. I’d love to have you as a member of my family. I’m a little like you, but only on occasions or when I’m a bit revved up because of mood fluctuations.

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