Foodie level – SPACE!!!

We were relaxing in this dimly-lit cozy restaurant, waiting for our food to be served. Charlie Chaplin movie was playing on the TV. There’s something hypnotizing about silent movies, you don’t hear anything still you perfectly understand every frame.

I adore interior of this place. It’s got wooden structure with rustic feel to it, and extremely comfortable seating arrangement.

Well. Our food was served. The moment I took my first forkful something implausible happened.

My foodie level shot through the ceiling… tore ozone… crossed other atmospheric layers… bumped into few stars, wildly started spinning in the galaxy and finally got lost somewhere in space.

I was sitting there chewing my food, trying to Unravel the magical recipe. My eyes were closed, involuntarily making weird inappropriate sounds, I got lost in this newly unlocked nirvana.

“Seriously stop!! People are looking at us!!”

My friend’s voice restored my senses. Entire squad was giving me death stares as I had publicly embarrassed them.

I instantly sat straight and started cracking jokes to dilute the situation.

As we gorged ourselves on unbelievable delicious food, in my head, I started planning my next visit.

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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