Roller Coaster

It’s a beautiful misty morning. Your hands stuffed in your pockets as you walk slicing the fog around you. The only sound hitting your ear drums is of your medicated slippers touching the damp road. Indignation on your mind, grief crushing your heart still you have a faint smile on your lips as you have lost your heart to this calm stroll. With every step tranquility is seeping into your restless soul and you love every bit of it.

You can’t see much in this weather but it doesn’t matter when you don’t want to. You know trying to collect shrapnels from the past will only hurt you more and you just don’t care about future anymore. You are breathing this fresh, earthy air. Breathing deep in the anticipation of retaining the fragments of nature it has been playing with.

Your shoulders hurt and your legs give in. As you wish you could rest somewhere for a while, through the fog you see a metallic structure. It’s a ride. There is a rusty, abandoned, out of order roller-coaster ride by the road side.

I know what you are thinking, please bear with me.

So.. As you are already tired you plan to just hop on. You rest your head and close your eyes. Just when you are about to fall asleep you hear creaking sound of the wheels of your cart. It starts moving. Its moving fast… head-spinning-spine-breaking fast! You weren’t prepared you don’t even know what to hold on to. You grab the safety bars and squeeze your eyes shut. Through the roar you hear voices. The voices of people who have circled around this ride and have assumed their fundamental right to cast an opinion.

The wise one– I told her to stop roaming around aimlessly like a homeless drug addict. See this is what happens.

The mischief- oh look somebody is getting hurt in there lets see how bad it gets

The ego-breaker– now she will learn a lesson or two what was she thinking of herself. This wouldn’t have happened if she would just stop being the brat she is

Fitness & beauty guru– when will she realize she needs to hit the gym before she turns into a blob and why this no-makeup-messy-hair look all the time?

The opportunist – so today i am gonna tell my boss I am late for work because there was a roller coaster accident on the way.

The brave one– she looks scared. Honey why are you scared?? there are worse rides than this. I jumped from 3rd floor last week, look at me, I am absolutely fine. Chill!

Fashion guru– what’s wrong with her? I mean just look at those slippers. They don’t go with anything. Sometimes I wish she wasn’t that fashion-impaired.

Their words hit you like pebbles and you start breaking like a glass wall, in a few minutes you are just a heap of shards..

Your resilience Descends into bottomless pit of despair.

You try to say a prayer but you can’t.. these voices wouldn’t let you. You clutch the bars so hard your hands hurts. Now you hate the same weather you were in love with . You can’t scream.. can’t cry.. You go numb…

You just stop feeling anything at all.. that’s when they start calling you insensitive.

Did you feel I ruined the whole writing for you?? Do you wish it would end just after second paragraph and the rest just spoiled your mood??

Well.. that’s life folks! That how out of the blue you fall into most unpredictable situations.

you know what I wish??

No, Its not about the ride.

I just wish you were not surrounded by such toxic people who have nothing else to do besides oozing negativity, belittling your every effort and making a joke out of your misery.

Some people carry clouds of their own insecurities around them so they can pour criticism all over you whenever they get a chance.

They create such an unbearable situation for you that you just shut yourself and that’s when they call you an introvert. Let them call you an introvert and entertain themselves in their mindless circles.

We will never be tested with something beyond our endurance.. its just that the people, their uncalled-for opinions and fake concerns mentally paralyze you. I wish you were surrounded by better people or you were just alone.

Yes, we are sometimes better alone. Its easier than you think. People are not providing oxygen.

The ride had to stop sometime. You would have survived, because that’s what we do from womb to grave.

Give yourself some time to heal once your ordeal is over. Meanwhile use your build-in survival kits. These are the skills you are born with. Do whatever pleases you and you only, because in the end they all will go and get busy with their own lives like nothing happened..

“Hardship may dishearten at first
But every hardship passes away
All despair is followed by hope
All darkness is followed by sunshine.”

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


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  1. Im negative too but i let it affect me …not others.. when im low i dont put others down.. i guess some like to see us go down so that they can have entertainment at our cost but not all of us..
    We differ from them coz we mind out own business 😇


  2. This is an amazing post…..i am sure everyone can relate to it in some way…..this post is a piece of art, this will hit home with a lot of people and everyone will interpret it in their own way……


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