If Samsung HEALTH could speak…

Hello ma’am, you haven’t moved in ages. Have you stopped using this device?? Or you are dead??

Please take a few steps so that I know you exist.

Welcome back!!

1000   steps …… good job!

5000   steps ….. almost there

6000   steps …… you have reached your daily steps target. Awesome!

9000   steps ….  good.. that’s your personal best so far..

10000 steps ….. Now you have overdone yourself

11000 steps ….. Okay!! I am kinda scared now

12000 steps ….. You are so gonna pass out

13000 steps ….  Seriously?? Please Stop!!

14000 steps ….  What are you high on??

15000 steps ….. You need help!

16000 steps ….  Help!! Woman is losing it.

17000 steps ….. I need a call-an-ambulance option

18000 steps ….. You will die.. PLEASE STOP!

19000 steps ….. You dumb f*** STOPPPPPPPP!!!





Please walk one more step so that I know you are breathing.


Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


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